This project is in cooperation with Vera Schepers. This installation is inspired by data and the elusiveness of the internet. The film shows a happening whereby a participant is taking place in our interactive installation. By spraying water against light from a projector, some kind of a hologram becomes clear in front of the viewer. Each spray creates a new image in front of you, this suggests the streams of data in the air looking for a destination.
Project Rasta-Car-Wash in Cooperation with IBB students As an intern at IBB ̶ Instituto Buena Bista at Willemstad, Curaçao, Luuk Leijtens leaded a project called Rasta-Car-Wash. Together with students of IBB they collected lots of different car part at car scooters. They transformed those car parts into sculptures that connected to the Rasta-car-wash. There is a lot of gold to be seen, that's because of the blingbling-culture of the Caribbean. Biento, the rastafarai who lives in the building does the carwash for the threspassing sightseeing busses, therefore Luuk got inspired to do a project about him as a carwasher.
Dutch hiphop-popstar Ronnie flex, productions Boaz van de Beatz, made a videoclip at this place.