Luuk Leijtens is inspired by the human body and its emotions. It's a subject which is often present in his work. Luuk is always trying to visualize emotions and the way people behave. He tries to address certain problems but also emotions that people can connect with in his art. Luuk is hugely fascinated by the function of colour in combination with emotion which translates into his paintings being vivid and with ecstatic colours. His work offers something to lean on, something to hold on to. Because all around us he sees the urge to be more spiritual, to be closer to your emotions.
Newspaper NRC Handelsblad visited the graduationfinals of all art schools in Holland. ArtEZ University of the Art, where Luuk was participating with also. They published his sculpture "Atlas" on their website and mentioned Luuk Leijtens as a young artist that caught their attention.